The EcoAdventures


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Inside the notebook yo can find:

  • 24 double-sided postcards: on one side, a colourful illustration, on the other, a story.
    Why not collect a fallen branch from your garden or park, bring it home, and decorate it with your finished postcards? The perfect Christmas eco-tree!
  • 24 creative activities: have fun making simple crafts at home with recycled or easily found materials.
  • 1 calendar to keep track of the days. Stick in the stamps depicting the different animals into each box.
  • 4 fact sheets prepared by scientists and researchers from associations for the protection of animals and the environment. Each page contains lots of ideas for activities that the young eco-explorer will be able to carry out outdoors, and a QR code to access extra content and discover many facts about the animals and the associations.
  • 1 customisable 1st class Eco-Elf diploma.

The Christmas EcoAdventures are stories to share. We hope that this book will encourage empathy, respect and help children to make informed choices, embrace experiences and cultivate their dreams and ambitions. We hope that they will learn to respect differences, the environment that surrounds them and the community in which they live. We would love our book to help you experience Christmas in a unique, thought provoking and sincere way.

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